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CPD – ‘Does your theory match your experience’?

The key here is alignment, simply put: What is your Direction and do you have the correct qualification to match the job role?

Many will tell you on exit from the military that you will take a pay cut. This is nonsense and what you believe you are worth, is what you a worth. Two reasons for losing income are, because you want too, or because you transitoned poorly.

As a member of the British Armed Forces, you are no stranger to continuous training and development as your military career is progressing but many of us leave it until then end and then squeeze as much in as we can. Don’t do this, understand what the future is and then go for that quality relevant course. Doing to much will increase stress and anxiety, it reduces your time to think clearly.

Many leave the forces engaging in courses they will never use (badge collecting), we will help you achieve realistic future role courses that will be relevant. This will be done by quality mentorship and one to one chats with the FTG and Force Four with Martin Smith and Melissa Jacques.

You probably have a large percentage of the skills required for future civilian employment – however if you need to undertake new training or perhaps “top up” past training and make it more applicable to a civilian environment, we are here to assist.

The FTG have set up wonderful partnerships with institutes such as with which we trust and who will support every single service person, leaver or veteran in whatever they need.

F4 Training are accredited with ELCAS and have expert advice on how to use this. F4 cover areas such as Leadership & Management (CMI), Health & Safety and Project Management.

To find out more and to book a warm introduction 121 call, simply email or call on 0800 4704441 they will be only to happy to chat about your success and CPD alignment. Mention the FTG and I am sure you will be seen very quickly indeed.

You can also visit our website where you will find courses and training from proven providers such as Optilearn.