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Networking is Key

Networking is the most under valued and under used asset available to service personnel, leavers and veterans.

Over 95% of those that the FTG work with, come with a negative alignment to social media.

Common themes are as follows;

No Banner

No Photo

Very Few Connections

Lack of Optimisation

Lack of Self Image

No About

Simply getting these fews things right can catapult you to success, the FTG will help you achieve this, usually this will take around 60 mins.

Of course there is a lot more too this, how to search, how to elevate in 30 seconds, how to apply and how to contact the best possible connections within the arenas you would like to prosper in.

Again, as another fundamental to success its easy, simply get in touch at and within weeks we will be working with you on your platform continuity.