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The CV – Understand ‘Who You Are’ and ‘What They Want’

Let’s face it, a service person has never had to write a real CV, if your reading this as a service person, leaver or veteran, you are perhaps one of these people……This is normal, it is not culture within the Armed Forces to do this.

CV writing is an art, it needs to be developed, updated, more importantly, become understood!

The Forces Transition Group will give you this understanding through a 121 personal session (60 Mins Zoom), giving you a life skill to take with you throughout your journey.

We will work with you step by step (time individual dependent), you will write the CV, you will own it, your story will be told… you!

Concentration will be given in all areas such as structure, quantifiable and results driven achievement, job role analysis, relatable skill set and importantly, targeting solutions for every job opportunity you desire.

Forces people are fast learners, they are intelligent, they plan, they achieve, they are outstanding, but we all need to be given the fundamentals first, perhaps repetition works best for you.

When you join the Forces, on average it takes 12 weeks to teach you how to fire a weapon correctly, as this is crucial to your career.

Now, the CV becomes your weapon of choice, you need to let it breathe, you need to take time, you need to think, you need this for the rest of you’re career.

So, if you are reading this thinking, ‘I have no idea how to write a CV’ then you are in the right place.

The next step is very simple, it is one email directly into the hub of the ‘FTG’.

Contact we will get back to you right away and begin the 5 fundamentals that will pave the way to you’re success.