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About Us

The Forces Transition Group was founded by Veteran John Stephenson, who has made the challenging transition from long military service to civilian life. He himself struggled to find himself in the first couple of years, but has now found his direction and wants to help those in the same position, find theirs.


We are here to help you as much or as little as required. It is recommended you start planning your transition the day you begin your service and getting the 5 fundamentals right, will begin to steer you in the direction you desire and deserve.


Our team are mostly veterans and have learnt a great deal from both their personal transition into civilian employment and also by helping many others go through the process.


Living service life, the emotion of leaving and then time in understanding civilian culture is paramount to enhancing future leavers. This effect of looking at three views gives a fairer and more transparent view, rather than only experiencing one or none of these areas, currently the situation when exiting the forces.


Making a difference is what we do and we aim in the future to enable everyone to leave the Armed Forces successfully. In the past two years, the FTG have helped over 7000 servers, leavers, veterans, spouses and their families combined, in everything from CVs to Elevation to Job, we are very proud of this and believe we now have the ability to create this for everyone.

Our motto Serve Well, Leave Well and Flourish is now a brand on every service persons mind, simply because it works and our personal 121 service creates a trust and bond like no other.


John Stephenson served for 22 years in the Royal Signals, he has lived and breathed your life and understands what you will be going through.


His last job was as a Regional Career Manager Officer (RCMO), responsible for the career management of hundreds of serving personnel, retention and enhancing the exit startegy of service leavers. Previous to this, he was the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of 2nd Signal Regiment, Imphal Barracks in York.


During these roles, he realised that he could not actually give clear and transparent information or advice on leaving the forces, thus struggled to retain leavers or help those leaving have a streamlined and successful future. This was due to never experiencing the emotion of leaving nor the world many understand as civi street, simply because he had never been there.


By creating Ownership and Direction he realises that each individual will enable themselves to make Decisions, to create their own pathway to success and delivering this message is paramount, however culture must change for this to become normal. Giving the 5 fundamental skills to everyone is key, this will kick start every individual into the future.


If you need help, whatever that may be, the FTG are here to make sure we give you just that, we make it simple, we make it easy and all you need to do is get in touch, we will answer you’re call.

Becoming a HUNTER is what we will teach you, lets wake up from the sleepwalk together.

John Stephenson (click for Linkedin Profile and contact details) is a founding member of the Forces Transition Group and has been instrumental in helping many military personnel undertake their personal journey from armed forces to full time civilian employment.