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Performance – Could this be crucial to your success?

Performance People and The Forces Transition Group – Coming together to create brighter futures through service and beyond!

There are many reasons why people join the Armed Forces, but for everyone who does there is only but one surety . . . at some point everyone leaves. For some this is relatively easy; for many it is somewhat difficult; and for yet others very traumatic.

Regardless, the best way to futureproof your career, transition and resettlement is to start with the end in mind and to own it. And this schedule of webinars is designed with this simple maxim in mind.

Delivered jointly by Forces Transition Group and Performance People, these webinars aim to enable & empower those serving, leaving or having left to create their own roadmap:

– by better understanding matters of transition, resettlement & recruitment and signposting specialist services & support

– and better understanding matters of personal & professional development and signposting specialist courses & qualifications

Throughout, we aim to compliment and not compete with those things already provided by Education & Training Services or the Career Transitions Partnership, and in this way help people serve well, leave well and flourish in support of the Armed Forces Covenant.

And as ex-Service people ourselves, we have a true understanding of the Service mindset, a great respect for the Service ethos, and a real passion for helping Service people get the very best from themselves.