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Is this you, a question you must ask yourself first?

Alignment to being a sleepwalker are as follows;

1. Believing you are doing ‘stuff’ but having no effect.

2. Believing you have a job waiting for you.

3. Working hard to maintain your unit morale.

4. Not writing and understanding your CV.

5. Not asking questions, building networks, creating mentors and opportunity.

6. Straying from looking at deciding your direction, taking ownership of the future.

7. Deciding not to align your professional development to your direction or confused.

8. Waiting for things to happen…..they wont.

These are just a few of the areas that allow you to be a sleepwalker, the list is not exhaustive but you will getting the picture by now.

To combat this you must WAKE UP and begin owning what is about to happen.

This will reduce stress, anxiety, help your family but above all will begin your process to the next exciting part of your life.

Through the Evolution of the Service Leaver, the FTG will provide you with a way to firstly;

1. Understand ‘Who Am I’.

2. Write a quality CV, understand it and target it using specific tools followed by a connected Network.

3. Gain Ownership and Direction to make a decision on where you want to go and pinpoint fewer areas.

4. Grow your professional development to align it perfectly for your chosen arenas.

5. Increase your financial plan, with an in depth look at what you need for you and your family.

6. Ultimately getting THE JOB with opportunity, mentors, links and interview technique.

If you begin doing these things you will be waking up and taking control of your future.

To begin, get in touch with me at we can do this together.