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It is important to understand the needs of two types of individuals at unit level, those still serving and those that are in transition.

The roadshow however is designed to capture both, giving an opportunity for those serving to look at the future and see the importance and also for those that are in need of an exit strategy.

Everything taught is delivered in a way that can be used to enhance through service careers, creating a more developed individual, which can also be a huge source of direction during their resettlement period.

The FTG can deliver this roadshow for leavers, servers or a mixture of both, this is left to the unit decision. A roadshow can be tailored to deliver different programs and can be designed to last half a day, a full day or even if two if required.

So, what will be taught during a typical program;

1. Performance – A look a performance tools to enable each individaul to grow as a person or in a team. Development in this happens during the day when each individual uses the cycle personally to look at themselves to find out ‘Who They Are’.

Delivered by the Performance People and Mark Woodhouse, a veteran working with most military establishments already.

2. CV Coach – A comprehensive look at forming and structuring a CV. Broken up throughout the day culminating in the finished article at the end. A 121 service is then provided in each individuals own time to exact the targeting routines needed to gain a top candidate finish each time when looking for a job.

Delivered by John Stephenson, who has succesfully helped write over 7000 CVs so far with service people.

3. Networking – Why networking is required early, why military personnel aren’t good at it on exit and how to create a top class portfolio on an amazing platform.

Delivered by John Stephenson again, quickly showing the importance and physical proof of instant success and how it can be gained.

4. CPD Align – A selection of institutes coming together to bring the opportunities they have into one room, from CMI to H&S to Supply Chain.

Several free courses are given during this period to light the fuse of those who have not begun on the CPD journey. Light sessions in memory and games are provided by F4 Trg to prove everybody can learn and increase their education.

5. Financial – Trusted qualified financial experts from Pensions to Investment to LI all give their take on the current situations out there.

John Stephenson also looks at the breakdown in unit and what his experience was of Wills, LI, IP, Kit Ins, and the pitfalls to look for that he fell foul of.

6. Resilience – Coping methods are introduced by Helen Dos Santos and Empowered Minds to look at how you can deal with anxiety and stress, the pillars are described and understood by the end of the day, giving each individual the ability to tackle their own minds.

There is a lot more too this, if you would like more information or a quick chat, simply email and lets get this set up personal to your unit needs.