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FTG Online Job Fairs

These webinars are to create ease for both the business and the individual and has been created to develop organisation to service leaver, ex-forces and spouse need in an instant. is the place to book be it Hunter or Exhibitor, these live online shows take place on the last Friday of every month.

Eight companies will attend and have a 10 minute slot, they will talk about their business, what opportunities are available and then set up interviews and calls that day and the following week.

The audience will be made up of service leavers, veterans and spouses, plus families, if there is anything of interest a simple exchange in details with the organisation in a private chat is all that is needed and you will recieve a call.

This NO CV, NO JD look at job hunting will create instant jobs, not only benefiting the individual but also the business, as recruitment costs can cause a dent in profits.

Look out for dates throughout the year in the news feed and on LinkedIn, however if you would like to discuss in more detail as an individual or as a company, then get in touch at lets have a chat and see how we can make this work for everyone.