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Everyday Agile

We work with teams and individuals from a range of industries, providing a unique and personal service that is tailored specifically to your needs. We specialise in:

Agile Coaching
Agile Consultancy
Agile Training
Learning and Development
Diversity & Inclusion Training

What Can You Expect?

A passionate, engaging service where we will work with you to truly understand your needs, whilst facilitating positive change.

What You Will Receive

Highly experienced Agile practitioner.

All workshop materials.

Follow up support.

What About Certification?

We made a choice to have flexibility in our approach to delivering real-world training and consultancy that gets results. Rather than be tied down to a particular way of doing things. As such, our courses are accredited through, meaning we are free to select the best practices from a broad range of methods to deliver unique learning experiences, whilst keeping prices competitive and our overheads low. If certification is something you feel strongly about then we can certainly offer impartial advice.


We can deliver any of our services either onsite at your location or an offsite location that is suitable for all parties.

To learn more and receive a warm introduction to Everyday Agile, please get in touch at to begin.