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Understand how to write your CV and rock your social media presence!

The Forces Transition Group have in-house expertise to help you write your 1st CV or amend/fine tune your current one to make it stand out more to employers, pass Applicant Tracking Systems or aid in the building of a CV whilst serving, which can be used to develop direction for the future.

This is a totally free service and will be given in a dedicated one to one experience. Getting your CV matched to job specification is a must and we can help with guidance on the best platforms out there to do this.

CV’s and your personal LinkedIn profile contain mostly the same core information – CV’s are usually emailed to potential employers and LinkedIn profiles are searchable.

CVs are written in the 3rd person, whilst LinkedIn should be written in the 1st. This is important to get right!

This means you can be found by employers looking for a certain skillset and you could potentially be head hunted. This is networking!

It is highly likely that a potential employer will read your CV and check out your LinkedIn profile afterwards. This could determine whether you get an interview or not, so matching the two can be critical.

Let our experts help you with your CV and LinkedIn profile, assuring it is tailored to the job role you are seeking, more importantly give you the ability to change your CV quickly but paralleled to every job description.

If you would like a free CV experience, a LinkedIn Profile, a Covering Letter or anything related, please get in touch at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.