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Forces Transition Group – Teaching kids about money is important.

Most parents want to be able to teach their kids about money but don’t know where to start. This is largely due to the fact that most parents (and adults at large) were never taught about money themselves.

Blue Tree Savings helps you, as parents, learn about money in such a simple and engaging way that it won’t only help you but also mean you can teach your kids about money. The lessons you learn can make sure your kids avoid the financial mistakes that so many adults make today, for example, spending all their money and going into debt.

Managing money is a life changing skill which is sadly not taught in most schools. It’s on us, as parents, to make sure we give our kids the right start. The earlier kids learn about money, the better.

Will Rainey – My Story

In 2017, whilst living in Hong Kong, my wife and I came up with a plan to leave our full-time corporate jobs and move to Vietnam and spend more time with our daughters (who were 3 & 5 at the time). We had been saving and investing for many years so knew this dream could become a reality. We ended up moving to Vietnam in 2019. When we told people of our plans, many of them said.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we were doing as we couldn’t afford it”.

It was then that I really started to appreciate how lucky we were that both my wife and I grew up as savers.

​It turns out that most people couldn’t do what we are doing as they were never taught to save as they were growing up. This is why I set up Blue Tree Savings.

I want to help as many parents as possible teach their kids about money so their kids grow up to have the financial freedom to allow them to spend their time doing what they really want.

The Blue Tree Name

I believe that for kids to learn about money, it needs to be fun and engaging. When talking to my daughters about money we always say that money is like seeds. If they plant (save) their seeds, they will grow into Blue Trees.

They now say “How many Blue Trees do we have?” and “I want to use some of my pocket money to plant some more Blue Trees!”

I use a lot of stories and analogies like the one above in my weekly blogs, our company workshops, our online course and, kids can see their financial forest grow using Blue Tree’s Digital Piggy Bank!

My goal is to have all kids growing their own financial forest. ​

How we help parents:

  1. Blogcovering different money related topics – subscribe here
  2. Course for parents –find out more here
  3. PiggyBank to help your kids look after their money – find out more here

For more information and to receive a warm introduction to Will, please send an email to to begin.