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FTG Roadshows & Webinars

The roadshows are set up and presented on by qualified professionals in their field, current and competent. Giving information can be tricky so all presentations are from a point of view and will bare no BIAS at all. Every roadshow booked is completely free to the unit.

Webinars – The current climate

Due to the current COVID 19 issues we are delivering all roadshows via webinar. this works fantastically well as everyone can relax and take in what they need. Extra tuition and one to ones can be done individually after the presentations, usually via Zoom.

Each webinar is tailored to what you need and nothing from the live shows is sacrificed.

Disclaimer – At no point are we in partnership with CTP nor wish to discourage anyone from attending a fantastic opportunity, this is simply to enhance everyone serving and leaving to find out ‘Who They Are’ for the future.

Serving Personnel Roadshow (Future Performance)

Designed to enhance and aligned alongside JSP 100, the Forces Transition Group will bring a mindset change, a look into what’s new out in civilian world and an opportunity to gain free qualifications (CPD credits) to begin looking at direction and ownership of the career now and in the future.

Added to this a complete financial and investment education to help everyone look at their financial future whether it be as a single person or as a family. To finish off we will also bring an understanding of yourself and help to look at how the future could look for each individual, we don’t want to change you, simply add to you.

The ‘Who Am I’ project is designed to set you up with complete Ownership and Direction for the future.

The simple through CV can begin this process and set you on the road map individual to you.

Service Leavers (Transition Position) Roadshow – This will always be done via webinar or in locations outside of barracks.

We have already helped guide you through your career and now it is time to take it a stage further. This event is aimed at all leavers who have signed off and again we look at how this effects attitude and the mind. Moving into current situational awareness with presentations with successful veterans from the past and now we help create an environment using mentors.

A one to one tuition with your CV and Network will kick-start your resettlement and give you that direction you really want into THE job not A job.

With a plethora of quality courses available for free and at reduced prices we use trusted partners to give you great advice and opportunity to enhance your skill set.

Added to this the FTG Job Spot aid in employment opportunity and a series of real time job interviews that are taught as repetition, ten interviews in one day with feedback giving a more rounded individual at the end.

Your financial future is also key at this point and we look at what you have, Wills, Protection, Pensions etc to set you on your way with confidence once you leave.

For more information or to book onto a roadshow, please get in touch at